Billie Holiday - Lover Man

Risky Adidaya - October 28, 2021

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Billie Holiday - Lover Man



|   Verse   1

|   Verse   2

|   Verse   3
[Verse   1]
   I   don't   know   why   but   I'm   feeling   so   sad
   I   long   to   try   something   I   never   had
   Never   had   no   kissin'
   Oh,   what   you've   been   missin'
   Lover   man,   oh,   where   can   you   be?
[Verse   2]
   The   night   is   cold   and   I'm   so   alone
   I'd   give   my   soul   just   to   call   you   my   own
   Got   a   moon   above   me
   But   no   one   to   love   me
   Lover   man,   oh,   where   can   you   be?
   I've   heard   it   said
   That   the   thrill   of   romance
   Can   be   like   a   heavenly   dream
   I   go   to   bed   with   a   prayer
   That   you'll   make   love   to   me
   Strange   as   it   seems
[Verse   3]
   Someday   we'll   meet   and   you'll   dry   all   my   tears
   Then   whisper   sweet   little   things   in   my   ear
   Hugging   and   a-kissing
   Oh,   what   I've   been   missing
   Lover   man,   oh,   where   can   you   be?
8th   /November   /09

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