Childish Gambino - 24 19

Risky Adidaya - November 08, 2021

Detail Lagu

Judul Lagu
Childish Gambino - 24 19


You   take   me   to   the   fair
But   I   don't   really   care
You   wouldn't   change   a   hair
Sometimes   I   wonder   why   you   love   me
But   you   love   me
I   always   make   you   cry
No   matter   how   I   try
Sometimes   I   wonder   why
Why   would   you   ever   want   to   love   me?
Must   you   love   me?   Oh
Sweet   thing
You   made   me   chicken,   rice,   and   beans,   sweet   thing
You're   just   as   sweet   as   you   can   be,   sweet   thing   (Oh,   yeah)
If   you   wanna   be   happy,   don't   look   at   my   phone,   sweet   thing
My   sweet   thing   (Sweet   thing)
Sweet   thing
Your   friend   is   always   acting   stank,   sweet   thing
You   wanna   hold   me,   but   you   can't,   sweet   thing
You   always   eating   off   my   food,   sweet   thing
My   sweet   thing
(loops   for   the   rest)

Editor: Risky Adidaya